Monday, August 20, 2007

The Pergola and Gazebo - a finished look!

So the pergola and Gazebo are done, and I wanted to get some pictures up here for everyone.
The copper weathervane (pictured ) finally arrived, and was installed last week. It, and the copper roof cap, all hand made from .021" thick copper sheeting (holy crud they want a lot for that stuff), really set the roof off.
This picture also really shows off the curved roof.

<-----Here is a shot of the gazebo as it stands today. We also installed a great swing (pictured above) from which I really liked. Its very high-backed, and has a really comfortable curve on it. Trust me, I tried it out. Dr. O (the homeowner) was pretty sympathetic, but eventually kicked me out out her yard. Too bad.

The stairs were augmented per her request as well, and should make a nice addition. The stain was a Behr premium, and was left as a one-coat applicaton that makes the grain of the wood really show through.

<----This is a finished shot of the pergola, which now proudly guards the entrance to the back yard, and will eventually be covered in the climbing roses that we planted around the base. (you can kind of see them down at the bottom).

We (and the homeowners!) were really pleased with the way it all turned out, and hope you like what you see. This project was completed under the expert guidance of Botanica Atlanta, who, believe it or not, did a really great job. Their website is very well done, and merits a visit if you are in the market.

Anyway, keep looking back for more pictures, I will have shots of the latest deck up soon, with pictures of my new cable rail system in place. It looks GREAT, is maintenance free, and kids and dogs bounce right off it, no harm done!
Until next time,
- Atlanta Garden Structures

Saturday, July 21, 2007

A Gazebo is Born

So it's not quite as dramatic as a child, it is still a fun process to watch and witness. Here is a shot with the decking in, timbers in the ground, and the handrailings mostly installed. The next part is the roof.
This is one of the rafters that we made. The owner wanted a curved roof, and so I borrowed a boatbuilding technique to make a matching set of curved rafters that would make the roof reflect the same curve. All rafters were cut by hand, and will be joined with a key block, as shown below:This process is repeated with the remaining 6 rafters until an octogon is formed. Rafters are attached to the key block with 4" Stainlesss lag screws, countersunk to be hidden from view. It should be strong enough to have a dance party on. (Ending in a preposition - bad form, but hey, I'm a carpenter, not a professor)

The ceiling/roof foundation was selected to be a 1x8 heart cypress v-joint paneling, and was installed next, immediately over the rafters. Shown below is a shot of the ceiling before finishing.
Pretty cool huh? I think so.
Anyway, after the ceiling went it, the shingles (Atlantic White Cedar) were installed, and the roof is awaiting the weathervane, which UPS had better get here soon before I smack someone.

I will post finished shots as soon as I have them.

Friday, July 20, 2007

The Pergola!

So, the pergola project is done, and I think the result turned out GREAT! If you, as a potential client, would like to go view it in person, I would be happy to run you by. The pergola is all custom-cut cypress timbers, and the overhead beam-ends were each hand carved.
the latticework was all built one piece at a time, to weave into the existing fence.
Also, I used copper accent caps to cover unsightly bolt holes in the crown, and I think that the patina will look really cool for years to come. The pergola is made to match a gazebo that will go in the back yard.
The timbers were all custom cut for me by a mill in Mississippi, and brought to Atlanta for this project. 6x6 timbers made the uprights, and the crown is woven 2x8 headers, and 2x6 joists.
Want one? Just Email! and we can get the ball rolling.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Really Cool New Product!

Ok, this was sent to me by Stuart, of Botanica Atlanta and is a really cool idea. If someone has a full-sun pergola application, and wants to try these, let me know! I would love to see how they look.

And by "they", I mean Parasoliel's copper roofing which looks awesome!
Take a look, tell me what you think, and I will try to get some pricing from them to figure out what they cost.
- Darwin

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

New Pergola Project

So, I have spent the past three days getting wrapped up on a huge pergola out in Sugar Hill GA (that's out of exit 14 off GA 400), and it was a resounding sucess! The homeowner was really pleased, and I came away with some great pictures!

<----- this is a photo of the work almost completed, with the crown casings around the columns almost done, and looking GOOD!

That is Walter in the picture, working away.
The project is built on the rear of a house, and will be stained to match the siding. A pavestone patio is below it, and I am lobbying for confederate Jasmine for a training vine. The pergola at the top of the last post is covered in it, and I think it looks great!

This is a detail of the upper columns. I have found a crown molding made of plastic, so it can be safely used outdoors, and will last for 10+ years without danger of rot, termites, or warping! Its also eco-friendly, as it is made fo recycled plastics and polystyrene products.

<---- Wow, those corners look good!

Anyway, I will be sure to get some pictures of this thing after Mr. F stains it (the homeowner) and get some plants going. It will really give him great use of his patio, and some much needed shade for the backyard, which gets full sun exposure almost all day.

Check back with us for more photos and projects. The Sugarloaf Country Club is our next stop, for a handmade Cypress Gazebo and Pergola to match! Whoo Hoo!!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Atlanta Garden Structures

Welcome to Atlanta Garden Structures!

We are a specialty carpentry company, working to create beautiful wooden garden structures to grace you home, garden, and outdoor living spaces.

The Deck That Started it all......... Time: AD 1998, my Sophomomore year of high school, Place: My parents new house, badly in need of a deck to cover a swampy area left by the builder.
Result: A college degree, two foriegn languages, and a beautiful deck with a pergola to match.

Because my mother the designer was in on it, and the labor was pretty cheap, we ended up with over 1500 SF of deck. Yes, you read that correctly. 1500 square feet. But considering 4 kids, a dog and two cats, it was a worthwhile investment. It was like a whole outside room. Dinners, shrimp boils, my graduation party, (and a few others when the folks were out of town on business - don't tell!)

Since then, I have built decks in 3 states, put a pergola in the atlanta home and garden show, and introduced my own product line of custom built cypress pergolas and kits, made in my home state, and shipped wherever you would like.

This kit ----->
was built for Home Depot Landscape services for the Atlanta Home and garden show this past February. It is custom made from select Bald Cypress lumber, and is completely immune to rot. It can be stained or sealed to your liking, and will provide a beautiful centerpiece to your garden, pool deck, or outdoor living space.
This model is currently up for sale for $4200.00 installed at your home.

Some other decks that we have done include
this deck------>
that was built for Mrs. M. Richardson, of Gautier, MS. I spent a year doing storm cleanup and construction in my home state after Katrina, and this was one of our first projects down on the coast. 6x6 upright timbers, custom milled railings, and stairs reclaimed from storm debris were used on this deck. I also only shot myself with a nail gun once the entire project. Don't worry, I'm insured :)

Recently, I did a deck addition in Marietta, near the historic square. The addition connects an upstairs deck with an existing hot tub platform in the back yard.
The clients loved it, and will gladly provide their names as a reference if you would like.
6x6 upright timbers, 2x10 joisting, and concrete footings will make this deck last for years to come. Hey - if you're nice, they might have you over for a BBQ - I hear John is quite the grill chef.

there are a few of our projects, and I will be sure to put up a few more. I contract with the landscape design firm of Botanica Atlanta and currently have a large number of upcoming projects with them, including a possible (But I'm reaaaaly hoping) filming by HGTV! The house will feature two custome cypress entrance pergolas, and a custom-made cypress gazebo to match. We are currently on bended knee with the HOA out there to let us in the door, (we promised to behave as best we could) and hopefully will get started soon with foundations and layout. Pictures to come.
- Darwin Crawford, Owner